Chapter 1.1: Interlude: The Gods

Somewhere not here. In a place immensely far away yet incredibly close.

Rattle, rattle, a certain deity is rolling dice.

She looks like a sweet little girl, and her name is Illusion.

Again and again she rolls. She’s had a pretty good day, and a smile plays on her lips.

But dice pay no heed to the will of the gods.

With a cute little gasp, Illusion hides her face.

Oh! What a terrible roll. She can’t even look at it.

But however pretty or sweet she may be, not even Illusion can change numbers on dice.

No equipment and no strategy will help.

Call it chance or fate, these things will happen.

Illusion slumps in disappointment, and one god points and laughs at her.

His name is Truth. I told you, he says, so transported with mirth that he claps his hands.

Truth, after all, is without restraint. Cruel.

He tells her she was a fool to gamble on a quest so rich with risks.

Illusion grumbles to herself, but there is nothing she can do.

She herself does not hold back when she takes on fate-guided adventurers.

So how can she complain when her own adventurers happen to die?

It is simply how things work.

Hearing this, some would object to what seems like gods using humans as playthings.

Yet what path is not influenced by chance or fate?

When all your adventurers are dead, though, there is nothing left to do.

It is unfortunate, but this adventure is over.

Ready some new adventurers and try again.

It’ll be fine this time. Surely these new ones will—

At that moment, the two deities notice a new adventurer has appeared upon the board.

Truth gives a disgusted grunt.

Illusion gives a delicate start.

He has come.